Wales takes support lead

Wales take the lead in offering effective support for their children and young people

The Welsh government implemented a national strategy in April 2008 to establish counselling services in all secondary schools as well as some primary ones.

In November 2011 a final, definitive report found approximately 95 per cent of respondents felt that counselling was a good way to deal with problems and around 90 per cent of clients said that they would ask to see the counsellor again if they needed to.

 The report also refers to the most common reasons why the children accessed the service

  • Issues relating to their families
  • Anger and behavioural issues
  • Bullying and bereavement issues

The report concludes by summarising this had been an overall success and England and Scotland could learn much from the Welsh experience. One child summed up his experience by saying “It’s easier to educate happier people”


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Category : News Posted on January 26, 2012

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